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World Series e-Books

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Introducing your children to a world of flavors with baby food, toddler treats and family dinners will help them be more open to trying new foods their whole life.  The tasty and nutritious recipes in Fresh Baby’s World Series Collection are developed for young taste buds.  These recipes will help you provide a flavorful and cultural start for your child to become an adventurous eater with healthy habits.

World Series - Gourmet Baby Food e-Cookbook  includes 9 delicous baby food puree recipes, such as:

Ratatouille (French)

Mexi-Veggie Chile Stew (Mexican)

Shitake & Edamamme Puree (Japanese)

Tropical Fruit Pudding (Thai)






World Series - Toddler Treats e-Cookbook  includes 11 delicious recipes with a cultural twist.  Here is a sample a the recipes in this e-cookbook:

Peanut Butter Cheese Toast (Brazilian)

Omelet with Fresh Herbs (French)

Pumpkin Date scones (Irish)

Wedding Soup (Italian)



World Series - Family Dinners e-Cookbook  includes 8 delicious Family Dinner menus & recipes inspired by the flavors and foods of Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Thailand.

































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