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  • Kid's 5-Section MyPlate
  • So Easy Snack Cup
  • So Easy Pop Maker
  • Protein Cutting Board
  • Fruit & Veggie Cutting Board
  • Silicone Baby Food Tray
  • So Easy First Toothbrush
  • So Easy First Spoon
  • Kid's MyPlate Dairy Cup
  • Kid's MyPlate Apron
  • Farm Market Tip Card
  • Farm Market Bag
  • MyPlate Daily Food Plan
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Country Breakfast Cereal (lite) Shroomy Stroganoff Trail Mix Whole Grain Stuffing with Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit
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Fresh Ideas
September 2015

Healthy Eating

Fall Guide to What's In Season
The freshest fall fruits and vegetables are plentiful. For help shopping, storing, and prepping the best of Fall's seasonal foods, download our new What’s in Season Guide for Fall.

Fruit & Veggies Lesson Plan Activities
We’ve put together some fun activities for parents, teachers, daycares, preschools and playgroups to use, that help teach children more about fruits and veggies!

Know Your Child's BMI
The BMI index is an especially useful tool for children and teens because their rate of growth and development can be monitored over a period of time, and it can be used to track body size throughout their life.

Reducing Your Baby’s Risk of Obesity
Along with introducing your baby to a healthy diet, here are some tips and activities that will support developing healthy eating habits for your baby!

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