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About Fresh Baby

For more than 20 years our mission has been to reduce obesity rates in all ages by improving the way Americans eat. Our products provide simple guidance that people use to make healthier food and drink choices. Since 2011, our USDA National Strategic Partnership has guided our product development. Our products provide essential reinforcement of the U.S. dietary guidelines and the key nutrition messages used throughout the country.

USDA National
Strategic Partner

Since 2011, our USDA National Strategic Partnership has guided our product development. Fresh Baby’s CEO, Cheryl Tallman, chaired the Kid’s Committee from 2015-2019. The Kids Group is a partner subgroup interested in engaging children and caregivers with key nutrition messages. Fresh Baby is also a member of the Birth – 24 Month Old and the Video Development partner sub groups.

Right Time,
Right Place Support

Our products provide support at critical times where healthier choices can be made:
shopping on a budget
safely preparing nutritious recipes
serving portion appropriate meals

staying physically active


Fresh Baby provides the reinforcement prizes for Bingocize®, a successful health promotion program that combines exercise, health education, and BINGO! The program is accepted as a falls prevention program by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and approved to be included in the SNAP Education (SNAP-Ed) Toolkit as an evidence-based intervention.

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Professional Association Memberships
Belonging is important to staying up to date on hot button topics, understanding the needs of our markets and supporting the communities we serve. Fresh Baby is proud to be members of many leading nutrition and health organizations, spanning all age groups.
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We’re proud to be a certified woman-owned, small business.
These certifications can make a purchasing difference and support you in meeting your diversity objectives.

Fresh Baby - WOSB Certified

SBA Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

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WBENC Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)

  • New York – M/WBE
  • New York City – WBE
  • Oregon WBE
  • Tennessee – WBE
  • Virgina – SWAM
  • West Virginia – SWAM
Fresh Baby - Sole Source Header

We’re proud to be a certified woman-owned, small business.
These certifications can make a purchasing difference and support you in meeting your diversity objectives.

Meet the Fresh Baby Team

We’re hard working.  We’re innovative.  We’re fun!  We’re easy to talk to.

In 2003, Cheryl left an urban life in New York City and moved to Petoskey with her husband, Roger, and son, Spencer. She loves cooking up adventurous and vegetable forward meals. During the summer, she and Roger can be found on the golf course or enjoying a view of the bay from their boat. Her winters are mostly spent in the pottery studio playing with clay. She also loves to travel and explore new places. Favorite Vegetable: Shitake Mushrooms and Locally Grown Tomatoes Favorite Fruit: Honeycrisp Apples
Ricka is our team cynophile who loves true crime podcasts, traveling, and most of all, her teenage daughter. In her spare time she volunteers for way too many things (and then complains about it), but truly does enjoy helping others any way she can. Favorite Vegetable: Asparagus Favorite Fruit: Apples, but that choice is subject to change
Tracy is a mother of two who loves camping, hiking, boating and golfing. Her favorite sports team to cheer for is the Detroit Lions, she’s a big fan! Favorite Vegetable: Asparagus Favorite Fruit: Strawberry
Brian joins us from the world of education and loves reading, movies & theater. When the warm weather hits you will find him at the beach with his family. Favorite Vegetable: Onion Favorite Fruit: Peaches
Katrina has 3 amazing kids that she loves spending time with, along with her English Bulldog. She loves to be at home sitting on her back deck surrounded by her forest. She also enjoys to be at the lake swimming or boating and hanging out with with family and friends. Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli Favorite Fruit: Bananas

Fresh Baby Photo - Cindy 2Cindy enjoys cooking and researching new recipes to sample. She and her husband Jeff love to entertain at home with family and friends. She also enjoys travel to new destinations and visiting wineries and new restaurants along the way.

Favorite Vegetable: Cucumber Salad
Favorite Fruit: Michigan Blueberries

Fresh Baby Photo - Cindy 2

Heidi was born and raised in Petoskey, MI.  You can find her either on the golf course or camping in the summer and snowmobiling or snow shoeing in the winter.  There are not many activities she doesn’t like to do, but her favorite thing is spending time with her family, friends and her “fat” cat.   

Favorite Vegetable: Fresh Green Beans
Favorite Fruit: Apples (especially when dipped in peanut butter!)

Outside of Fresh Baby, Andrea is busy spending time with her husband and two kids. She’s usually found boating, skiing, and living the life of Northern Michigan. Favorite Vegetable: Green Beans Favorite Fruit: Kiwi

A newcomer to Northern Michigan, Scotty lives with his brilliant partner and a very lucky black cat. He’ll talk your ear off about art, movies, and tabletop role-playing games. Outside of Fresh Baby, you’ll find Scotty adventuring on the Grand Traverse Bay—or anywhere on Lake Michigan—with his incomparable friends and family.

Favorite Vegetable: Brussels Sprouts
Favorite Fruit: Oranges

Fresh Baby Photo - Roger 2Roger has spent is entire career being a problem solver, and making lasting impressions in advertising with messaging and music. He is always available to shoot a new photo, take a video or help however he can. He is incredibly talented and we are lucky he shares his talents with our team! Favorite Vegetable: Haricot Vert/French Beans Favorite Fruit: Avocado
Fresh Baby Photo - Dylan 2Dylan brings our visuals to life with his graphic skills. He is our go to guy for banners, product design and more. When he takes a break from the creative, he loves being outside and spending time with his children. Favorite Vegetable: Artichoke Favorite Fruit: Mango

Core Values

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Great Things Can Be Designed

We strive to keep up on the cutting edge of market trends and create high quality, affordable education-focused products that reinforce key concepts of a healthy lifestyle.

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Purpose Driven

Promoting Health and Nutrition

We all share Fresh Baby’s mission. We are results-focused and committed to supporting our customers achieve their health outcome objectives.

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Integrity to Own Our Actions
We hold ourselves to a high level of professionalism and are honest and transparent. We take the time to understand unique customers’ needs and pride ourselves our knowledge of each program.
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Treating Everyone the Same
We are personal, approachable, and excellent communicators. From large to small, every customer experiences the same level of respect, attention, and consideration.
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Friendly, Outgoing and Passionate
We enjoy the work that we’re fortunate enough to do and the people that we are fortunate enough to do it with. We love our jobs, our customers and being part of our Fresh Baby work family.